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Emergency Prep: Civil War

By Michael B. / May 16, 2019

As world leaders beat their chests, make shows of power, and fight for supremacy, conscientious citizens will acknowledge that the odds of a third world war breaking out are high. What many people aren’t aware of is that there’s a even more frightening possibility right around the corner: civil war. Some countries, like Africa, have […]


Emergency Prep: Hurricanes

By Andrew J. / April 11, 2019

The coastline of the United states is regularly battered by hurricanes- an average of about five every three years.   Hurricanes bring lots of heavy winds, some as strong as a hundred miles an hour.  Along with hurricanes also come water surges that reach to twenty feet in height. These intense winds can create cyclones, […]


Your Ideal Bug-Out Spot: Notes From Venezuela

By Emma C / March 26, 2019

Push aside all your books and blogs and YouTube videos for just a second and hear us out. No matter what you’ve read or what the ‘experts’ have told you, the key to the ultimate bug-out location rests on one single factor: location. You may be thinking, “Sure, obviously we want to be somewhere out […]


Coping With Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

By Andrew J. / March 5, 2019

Many serious survivalists carry pepper spray with them as a non-lethal means of self-defense, but that’s not what this article is about. In this article, you’ll learn how to cope with pepper spray or tear gas being used on you. This is a very real possibility in a war zone, and it’s not pretty. If […]


5 Urban Survival Strategies For The Mindful Prepper

By Andrew J. / February 27, 2019

People often wonder if it’s safer to stay in the countryside or in an urban area during times of emergency. This is a difficult question to answer because it all depends on the nature of the crisis. If there’s a pandemic and people all over the city are falling ill, you’ll probably be safer being […]


The 4 War Zone Survival Tips That’ll Save Your Life

By Andrew J. / February 16, 2019

Most people have never lived in an area that has suffered the effects of war. They don’t have a clue about the disastrous consequences that may occur. A war is nothing like a hurricane or an earthquake. As strange as it may sound, natural disasters are more predictable. While you won’t know the impact of […]


How To Raise Your Crisis Awareness

By Michael B. / February 2, 2019

During times of emergency, you can be one of two things: proactive or reactive. The difference is that by being proactive, you’re much more in control of the situation. If you’re reactive like most people, your awareness level is low. Sudden acts of violence that seem to spring out of nowhere can take you by […]


Finding Safety When Your Home Is Compromised

By Michael B. / January 22, 2019

Let’s assume your home was destroyed in a flood. All your supplies are gone, all you have is your bug-out bag, and you need to evacuate to a new place. That’s one scenario. If there’s a terrorist attack near to where you live, the entire area suddenly becomes dangerous because you don’t know what kind […]


Navigating Transportation In A Danger Zone

By Michael B. / January 10, 2019

Getting around when you’re living in an occupied area or a war zone can be a dangerous affair. You must always bear in mind that the situation has changed drastically. Law enforcement might have collapsed; carjackings, kidnappings, robberies, rapes, and shootings will be on the rise. Any of these things can happen while you’re just […]


Planning Your Safe Room? Start Here.

By Andrew J. / December 19, 2018

Thanks to Hollywood films like Jodie Foster’s ‘Safe Room’, millions of people around the world have seen how effective and protective a specially built emergency safe space can be. Luckily (unlike in the movies) it doesn’t need to be anything crazy high-tech- just extra secure. Depending on where you live, building a safe room may […]

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