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10 WTSHTF Self-Defense Tips

By Andrew J. / July 4, 2019

Many of us believe ourselves to be prepared for the ‘end times’. But what happens when you discover that all your preparation was really for the textbook scenarios that don’t really play out in real life? What will you do when it’s life or death?


The Armed Shooter Protocol You Can’t Live Without

By Andrew J. / February 23, 2019

When we talk about armed shooters, the first thing that many people think about are school shootings. This topic has proven divisive, with many people demanding gun control and others saying that gun control doesn’t solve the problem. But this article isn’t a contribution to the debate. This article has been written to provide you […]


Professional Advice To Guide Your Self-Defense Training

By Michael B. / February 14, 2019

Here’s the bad news: the criminals always have it easier. That’s just the way it is. During a disaster or crisis, law enforcement will be busy dealing with many other issues such as rescue efforts, etc. They’ll be short-staffed and law enforcement will laxer. Most criminal acts are products of opportunity, and this situation is […]


Ensuring Your Survival In A Pandemic

By Andrew J. / February 1, 2019

The world we live in is no stranger to pandemics. From the Bubonic plague to the Spanish flu, various diseases and outbreaks have cost millions of lives throughout the course of history. It’s been a relatively long time since we’ve experienced a large-scale outbreak, and many scientists say that we’re long overdue for another. The […]


If You Don’t Carry A Gun, Carry This

By Michael B. / January 19, 2019

With crime being more present than ever these days, it always pays off to protect yourself.  Although there are police officers and others out there who uphold the law, you never know when something may happen and they aren’t around. To protect yourself, there are several products and forms of protection that you can get. […]


Self-Defense 101: Fight or Submit?

By Andrew J. / January 8, 2019

This is a very common question that arises in self-defense classes. Should you resist and try to fight off your attacker, or give them what they want in hopes that they won’t hurt you? During a crisis, there’s always a huge spike in crime- particularly violent ones (sexual and not). And once effective law enforcement […]


Self-Defense Moves So Dirty Street Fighters Won’t Use Them

By Andrew J. / December 10, 2018

Chaos is a criminal’s prime opportunity to get away anything. As a result, more people are hurt and killed during these desperate times. Here’s something they do not tell you in school- the majority of people involved in a criminal encounter end up as victims. This explains why many people (both men and women) who […]


Prepper DEAL ALERT 🔪🔪 75% Off Bear Grylls Knife

By Survival Dad / December 3, 2018

What you’re about to see is one of the best deals on one of the most popular knives you’ll ever see. I’ve recently started doing business with a major distribution company whose name you’d recognize but that I’m not allowed to mention here.  With that new relationship I’ve happened to score a major deal on the […]


Surviving a Home Invasion

By Michael B. / November 29, 2018

In movies like Hostage, Trespass, and Panic Room where a home is invaded, the family is stuck with dealing with the intruders for hours. In reality, home invasions are quite rare. There are three primary reasons for this. Firstly, most burglars prefer an easy crime. They want to strike when the house is empty and […]

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