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The Only Tree Every Prepper MUST Have in the Backyard

By Andrew J. / August 28, 2018

A superfood tree has been quietly making its way into many American backyards. If you can spot this peaceful invader he’ll provide you with food (all parts are edible), water (it can purify it), more protein and calcium than milk, four times the iron of spinach and…a LOT more: The Strange Tree Preppers Are Falling […]


No Idea How To Acquire First Aid Skills? Read This Now!

By Andrew J. / August 13, 2018

Having first aid skills is very useful for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a survivalist or not- a grasp of basic first aid skills can be very handy in times of need. If someone’s choking, you can immediately administer the Heimlich maneuver. If someone collapses and is not breathing, your knowledge of CPR might […]


Quick Prepper Tips For Treating Arm and Leg Fractures

By Emma C / July 16, 2018

Fractures can occur during or after any kind of natural disaster, from a hurricane to an earthquake. Unexpected shaking around you can cause you to fall, and running to take cover can result in things falling on you. In the case of a terrorist attack, you may even be shot at. Anything is possible when […]


First Aid Checklist For Preppers

By Andrew J. / June 6, 2018

As a prepper, it’s common to focus on water storage and food when you’re preparing for a possible emergency in future. Very often, preppers focus on buying gadgets and tools that will help them. Multipurpose knives, hurricane lanterns and water purification tablets are all necessary. However, besides storing water, one of the most important components […]


7 Foolproof DIY Toothache Solutions

By Emma C / May 30, 2018

A toothache will ruin your whole day in an instant. You’re out and about, doing your thing, and the next thing you know you’re in crippling pain, barely able to pick up the phone to call the dentist. We’ve been there. And when the dentist can’t manage to squeeze you in until next week, you […]


Coconut Oil: The Truth About the Miracle Cure

By Emma C / May 2, 2018

It’s almost certain you’ve heard of coconut oil, and you may have even seen it on a store shelf. But do you know the truth about this popular new supplement? We’re going to give you the answers today. This popular supplement- grown and produced in the Philippines- is now found in (almost) everything from protein […]


The 7 At-Home Health Cheats Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About

By Emma C / April 25, 2018

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like without medicine? Picture it now. If you’re faced with societal collapse or natural disaster, that picture will become your new reality. Maybe you think you’re in the clear- you throw back a couple Advil here and there for the occasional headache, no big deal- […]


How To Treat Common Injuries During a Crisis

By Andrew J. / April 16, 2018

During a crisis, there’s always an increased incidence of injuries and deaths. When a hurricane strikes there can be several dead with many more injured. The same applies to terrorist attacks that usually take place in crowded areas so as to inflict the most damage. Panic and chaos are the trademarks of a crisis. Getting […]


Basic Hygiene in a Grid-Down Scenario

By Andrew J. / June 23, 2016

In the aftermath of a disaster, staying clean might be one of the last thoughts on your mind. After all, who thinks of wet wipes when they are busy staying alive? Once the immediate danger has passed, however, sanitation is absolutely important and should be one of your priorities. Hygiene Is Important Keeping proper hygiene […]

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