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Cold Weather Blues: Pneumonia

By Andrew J. / August 31, 2019

Everyone loves the end of the year for the cool evenings, holidays, and special time with family. Unfortunately, these months brings with them two seasonal torments: pneumonia and the flu. Today we’ll be tackling the former; where it comes from, what to expect, and how to knock it out as fast as possible. Pneumonia is […]


Protein 101

By Michael B. / July 23, 2019

A lot of people hear the word protein and think of bodybuilders and athletes, but the human body needs protein, whether it’s physically active or not. Protein is particularly important for sick or injured people who need to rebuild damaged or weakened tissue and muscles. Proteins are made of amino acids that are folded together. […]


5 Simple Steps To Tackling Your Back Pain

By Andrew J. / June 25, 2019

Millions of people across America suffer from back pain on a daily basis. While many of these sufferers choose to simply ‘tough it out’ (for as long as they can stand it), others are desperately jumping at every band-aid solution on the market; oftentimes without success. Well, we’re to put an end to that. Below […]


Kick Allergies To The Curb This Spring

By Emma C / May 14, 2019

If you’re a chronic victim of allergy season, aka, springtime, then it’s high time you found a solution. Millions of people suffer from allergies (some all year-round) which, lucky for you, means that there are numerous remedies out there waiting for you. Who knows? Maybe this time you’ll find the miracle cure you’ve been looking […]


Alcohol vs. Your Health

By Michael B. / April 16, 2019

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re sitting at work, and you’re probably looking forward to going out and having a few drinks with  friends to relax and wind down. Even though you may think you deserve to go out and have a few drinks, there are some things that you should certainly keep in mind. Most days […]


Salvage Your Diet With These Forgotten Minerals

By Andrew J. / March 22, 2019

Living a healthy life is a major challenge in our lives today. In spite of all the hype about diet, exercise, and supplements, good health (in the true sense of the word) still remains a cause of concern for all of us. Most attempts to cleanse our bodies tend to result in either partial success […]


4 Simple Steps To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life

By Michael B. / March 11, 2019

Picture this: It’s 6:00 PM and you’re on your way home from work. You’re tired, hungry, and stuck in terrible rush hour traffic. You start to get impatient and frustrated which, at this point in your life, is are regular part of your day. You get home an hour later and your family is clamoring […]


Aging or Alzheimer’s? Know The Difference

By Michael B. / March 1, 2019

How do you know if the forgetfulness you’ve been experiencing is simply a sign of normal aging and not a symptom of something more serious? You may forget the occasional name or sometimes have trouble thinking of the right word to use. Maybe you walk into a room and forget why you’re there. Is it […]


The Top Vitamins and Supplements For Healthy Aging

By Andrew J. / February 19, 2019

The aging progression in our bodies is an ongoing thing each day of our lives. Since stopping the clock, is out of the questions we need to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. It’s a known fact that as we age we need a dietary supplements and vitamins to substitute for elements our […]


Meet the Fat Prepper Who Lost 84lbs

By Survival Dad / February 8, 2019

Peter told me how he choked back tears of frustration when the doctor scolded him — AGAIN — about how much danger his weight was putting him in… It’s not like he hadn’t tried everything! And either the scale would barely budge and he’d give up after a couple weeks… Or he’d manage to lose […]

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